Fix Office 2003 Repair Fatal Error During Installation 24 Steps

This article describes how to fix office 2003 repair fatal error during installation 24 . Follow the steps given below to resolve the issue. The erorr generally occurs while installing, updating, or while opening the particular application.

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Error Name:

Office 2003 Repair Fatal Error During Installation 24

Error Type:


Resolution Time:

~36 minutes

Data Loss:


Scope of Error:

System Level


Microsoft office 2016, 2013, 365, 2010 and others


Microsoft Corporation

Views Today:




Operating System Information:

office 2003 repair fatal error during installation 24 error messages can occur in any of the following Microsoft Windows operating systems:

    Windows 10

    Windows 8

    Windows 7

    Windows Vista

    Windows XP

    Windows ME

    Windows 2000

Affected Products:

    Microsoft Office 2016

    Microsoft office 365

    Microsoft office 2013

    Microsoft office 2010

    Microsoft Office 2007

    And others..

Symptom of error:

    Error message pops up "office 2003 repair fatal error during installation 24"

    System Performance becomes slow/sluggish.

    Programs hangs from time to time.

Cause of Error:

Office 2003 Repair Fatal Error During Installation 24 can be caused due to various factors, it is important to pin point the exact error for permanent resolution.


The steps given below need to be followed under supervision of a Technical Expert. If you need any assistance while following the steps, you can contact our 24×7 Technical Support.

How to Fix Office 2003 Repair Fatal Error During Installation 24 Guide.

Step 1: Check System for Corruption:

Open an elevated command prompt. To do this, follow these steps:

1) Click the Start button.

2) In the "search" box at the bottom, type cmd

3) Look for Cmd.exe to appear at the top of the menu. Right-click on cmd.exe and choose Run As Administrator. You should now have an elevated command prompt.

4) In the elevated command prompt, type the following then press the Enter key: sfc /scannow

5) Allow the System File Checker to complete the scan of all Windows system files.

Step 2: Update to latest Windows KB

1) To check for Windows Updates (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10):

2) Click the Start button.

3) Type "update" into the search box and hit ENTER.

4) The Windows Update dialog box will appear.

5) If updates are available, click the Install Updates button.

Step 3: Clean up Junk Files

1) Press Windows + R

2) Type "Cleanmgr" and Press Enter.

3) Select the OS Drive and Press ok.

4) Finally Click on "Clean up System Files"

In most cases office 2003 repair fatal error during installation 24 error should be resolved by now, if however the problem still persists please, get your system checked by an expert.

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